Workers that suffer injuries or illnesses at their places of employment are often eligible to receive workers comp benefits. By California law, employers are required to maintain workers compensation insurance to protect and support their employees in case workplace accidents do occur at any point. For affected employees, work injuries can often lead to medium or even long-term disabilities. As such, it is important that injured workers have a clear understanding of temporary & permanent disability benefits, and receive proper legal assistance when appropriate. With extensive experience and a track record of success, Anton Law Group is who you will want to contact for a top disability lawyer near Byron, California.

Our work disability lawyer near Byron, California assisting a client with his case.

Our team at Anton Law Group holds firm to the belief that each and every worker is deserving of the best available compensation when they are injured or become ill at work. Given that workplace injuries can rapidly result in a variety of financial difficulties, along with significant mental and emotional challenges, it is absolutely critical that such benefits be granted as quickly as possible.

The unfortunate reality is that employers and/or the insurance companies that work on their behalf sometimes attempt to thwart the process or even block claims entirely. For their part, employers fail to be forthcoming with the information their injured workers need, or otherwise seek to delay matters as frequently as they can. Not wanting to pay out on claims, insurance companies will look to deny them even if the stated reasons for doing so are ultimately trivial or unreasonable.

Committed to fighting for clients’ rights, our Byron disability lawyers will not let employers or insurance companies stand in the way of injured employees receiving the compensation and benefits they are legally entitled to. As skilled workers compensation attorneys, we have an in-depth understanding of all the workers compensation and disability benefit laws and regulations that come into play. At the same time, we are in tune with our clients’ various needs, and know the multitude of challenges they often face. Drawing on our knowledge and insight, we always strive to build the strongest and most effective cases possible no matter how complex the situations may be.

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Our work disability lawyer near Byron, California assisting a client with his case.

As the name suggests, temporary disability benefits come into play when a work injury leaves an employee temporarily disabled in some way(s). Part of employers’ workers compensation policies goes toward providing short-term or temporary disability benefits. The particular payment amounts should ideally cover injury-related medical expenses as well as a specified percentage of their normal pay until they are cleared to restart their duties. Anton Law Group assists workers in getting the temporary disability benefits they’re entitled to as they recuperate.

There are two main types of temporary disability benefits that our Byron disability attorney helps clients with: Temporary Total Disability (TTD) Benefits and Temporary Partial Disability (TPD) Benefits. Workers get TTD benefits in cases where their injuries leave them unable to handle any job responsibilities whatsoever. TPD benefits, on the other hand, factor in for injuries that keep the employee from performing certain kinds of jobs. Specifically, a worker can receive TPD benefits if a doctor recommends decreased work hours or completely limits a particular type of work.

It is important for employees to know what conditions are required to be deemed eligible for temporary disability benefits. Currently, you may quality to receive such benefits if: you are eligible for workers compensation, you have documented the injury and clearly reported it to your employer, you have successfully filed a claim for compensation, you seek appropriate medical care for temporary disability as dictated by California regulations, and your doctor believes that in your current condition you should not perform certain work duties or return to work at all.

If a worker does not feel that their doctor’s opinion is justified, they are able to ask for a second opinion from an alternate medical examiner. Also keep in mind that the claims administrator working on behalf of the employer’s insurance company can request an assessment from a qualified medical professional that they select.

Temporary and Permanent Disability Lawyers

Whereas temporary disability involves short or medium-term disabilities, permanent disability (PD) pertains to long-term problems with a body part (or parts) that has led to a decrease in employees’ overall earning capabilities or rendered them incapable of performing their regular job duties. Permanently disabled workers are able to obtain monthly permanent disability payments (or PD benefits) even in cases where they are able to return to work in some capacity after recovery. The amount of compensation disabled workers’ receive is determined based on their wages and on the extent to which the medical professional attributes the disability to the work injury itself.

Despite the fact that many individuals do achieve full recovery following injuries on the job, sadly there are those that will never be able to recover completely. Permanent disability benefits can start being paid out within two weeks after the temporary disability payments conclude and the doctor certifies that the injury has led to permanent disabilities. Our disability lawyers near Byron are here to help all eligible clients get the benefits they’re entitled to that will help them manage lost wages and continuing medical and/or rehabilitation costs.

If you have experienced a work injury that has left you temporarily or permanently disabled and need assistance with your claim or case, the team at Anton Law Group is at your service. Our compassionate disability attorneys near Byron are here to get a clear understanding of your particular situation and provide you with the best legal services and representation around. To receive a free, no-obligation consultation, please give our office a call at (888) 303-3434 or contact us online.