Ventura CA Workers Comp Lawyers

Everyone deserves access to benefits when an injury or serious illness takes place in the workplace. You need to work to earn a living, and being temporarily unable to work due to an injury often creates a burden of financial and emotional stress upon you. Anton Law Group is the answer to all your workers compensation and disability benefit needs. We will help you obtain your workers’ compensation and SSI or SSDI benefits immediately following an injury.

It is your right as an employee of a company to be provided a fair share of benefits and compensations should a workplace injury or accumulated injury arise. Anton Law Group is ready at your service to make sure you are legally represented to the fullest extent of your rights as an employee.

As a reputable Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Ventura, we have a vast knowledge of California laws pertaining to employment, personal injury, and employee rights. Often at times employees are not aware of the various options they have when demanding workers’ compensation benefits, and often end up at a disadvantage. Employers occasionally will use this to their advantage to keep their workers in the dark. Our job as workers’ compensation lawyers is to shed light on all that you legally deserve as your right as an employee.

Work Injury Lawyers serving Ventura CA & Ventura County

If your injury occurred while you were on the job, you are entitled to benefits such as medical reimbursement, time off work & more. Occasionally your employer will try to get out of dealing with this issue. For example, claiming that your injury happened off your work schedule may leave you to be rejected initially for benefits due to treatment being considered self-procured. Anton Law Group in Ventura can help prepare you for all such situations.

The benefits a worker will qualify for will always be unique to his or her case, tenure and type of injury. To get the maximum amount of benefits you are entitled to and to be protected from a legal standpoint, it is crucial to keep all medical records, files and incidents documented and filed with you at all times. You will be asked for proof and verification for your claim. California Law requires employers to have Workers’ Compensation Insurance at all times, regardless of minimal employees.  If you feel you have been denied your right as a California employee to receive benefits, contact our Ventura County law offices for a free phone consultation.

We can help you receive the compensation benefits you deserve, including:

  • Short-term Benefits
  • Long Term
  • Medical Expenses
  • Rehabilitation Services & more

We know that most people search for attorneys upon a workplace accident to protect your rights as a California employee, and to assist you in receiving your deserved benefits. Our professional and experienced team of lawyers will work to help make the Workers’ Compensation process complete as smooth as possible. If you are unsure the legal procedure or your rights as a California employee, Anton Law Group is readily available for a free consultation. Contact our Ventura office at 888-303-3434 or send us an email at