Anton Law Group helps injured workers get temporary disability benefits.

California employees who have been severely injured on the job may be eligible to receive disability benefits from a workers compensation claim if a doctor determines the individual is disabled as a result. Under California law, even if the injury was caused by the employee they still will be able to receive benefits if a doctor says that they cannot work due to the injury. Our experienced attorneys at Anton Law Group will help get the workers compensation benefits the employee is entitled to receive for their job-related injuries.

If the injury has caused permanent disability, the worker will be able to receive monthly permanent disability payments from their workers compensation claim. The amount of benefits the disabled worker receives is based on a percentage of their wages and the extent to which a doctor deems the disability to be from the work injury.

Permanent Disability (PD) means that an employee has suffered a long-term disability to a particular body part or parts that has caused a reduction in their earning capacity or the inability to work their regular job position. If your work injury or illness has resulted in Permanent Disability, even if you are able to go back to work after you recover, you will still be entitled to receive permanent disability payments, also known by the California Labor Code as PD benefits.

While most people do recover fully from job related injuries, there are some that do not ever recover completely. These workers compensation benefits will continue even after your expected medical improvement. Workers compensation’s permanent disability benefits are usually paid when temporary disability benefits end, and your doctor declares you have permanent disabilities from the work injury. Permanent disability payments may start within 14 days after temporary workers compensation payments end. Our skilled workers compensation attorneys will help ensure that you are able to receive permanent disability benefits to help cover ongoing medical or rehabilitation expenses, lost wages and more to prevent you from having to face financial challenges from your work related injuries.

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