Here at Anton Law Group, our highly skilled workers comp attorney near Monument Corridor in Concord, CA will help you get the workers compensation, SSI or SSDI benefits that you deserve. We believe that every employee in any work environment is entitled to the best benefits available when they are subjected to a workplace injury or illness. Being unable to work following a workplace injury can cause emotional distress and lingering financial difficulties.

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All employees in the state of California are entitled to specific benefits provided by the employer after a workplace injury occurs. The team of experienced lawyers here at Anton Law Group understand the needs of workers compensation claimants like yourself. We always make sure that our clients are properly and legally represented so that your rights are protected.

As a leading workers compensation attorney near Monument Corridor, we have a full understanding of the laws and regulations governing workers compensation in the area and throughout the State of California. Many people are unaware of the options that they possess when seeking workers compensation benefits. Many companies will take a predatory stance to take advantage of this fact and will not willfully disclose this information to their employees seeking compensation. As highly skilled workers compensation attorneys, we are here to help you stay educated on all that you are rightfully and legally owed as an employee.

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If you get injured on the job and your employer is insured as they are legally required to be in the State of California, then you are entitled to seek compensation for lost wages and medical expenses. The workers compensation process is made increasingly more difficult by the fact that many employers drag their feet and try to delay action when settling claims such as these. We don’t like it when our claimants have to jump through hoops, get denied claims or end up receiving lower settlements. Our Monument Corridor work injury lawyer will help make sure that you get the restitution and treatment that you deserve.

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Each workers compensation case is unique in a few ways. the conditions of every case help determine which benefits the employee should receive and how much monetarily that entails. It is important to keep all medical records, incident documents, and all relevant files for your claim so that you can get he maximum amount of compensation that you are eligible for.

As an employer in the State of California, you are required to have some form of workers compensation insurance, regardless of how many employees you have. Our work injury lawyers near Monument Corridor in Concord have many years of experience settling cases and are committed to providing you with the best legal representation possible.

Anton Law Group can help ensure that you receive the compensation benefits you deserve, including:

• Rehabilitation Services
• Short-term Benefits
• Medical Expenses
• Long-Term Benefits & more

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