In Oakland and throughout the State of California, employees that sustain injury or become ill on the job have the ability to pursue compensation to help cover medical costs as well as lost wages. Even so, the workers compensation process can feel overwhelming and frustrating for injured employees because there are many employers out there that do all they can to prolong matters so that they can avoid settling the claims. It is an unfortunate reality that many workers are forced to unreasonably jump through hoops only to receive inadequate compensation or have their claims denied outright. Those in such a position often benefit from seeking legal assistance. If you are wondering how to find the best Oakland workers compensation attorney, look no further. Anton Law Group is here to help.

As a top workers compensation law firm with extensive experience and a proven track record of success, we have a complete grasp of all relevant laws and regulations. When employees are injured at their workplaces, they are often unaware of what the workers comp process entails as well as what claim options are at their disposal.

Picture of an injured worker prior to finding the best Oakland workers comp lawyer.

Some businesses use this to their advantage so they can get away with not paying out the compensation that is legally owed. Our workers compensation attorneys near Oakland keep clients fully informed of their rights and guide them step by step.

Where To Locate the Top Workers Comp Lawyer in Oakland CA

Not all legal services out there are equally effective in terms of securing funds for injured workers. Knowing where to locate Oakland’s top workers comp lawyer is therefore quite important. The team at Anton Law Group is committed to providing a hassle-free experience and doing everything within its power to get each client a favorable outcome. With our thorough knowledge of workers compensation laws, we are able to guide clients through the claim process itself to make certain that all information is in order and properly submitted.


We often have clients come to us when their insurance claims have been unjustly denied. The goal of insurance companies seems to be to pay out as little as they conceivably have to. When injured workers file claims, many insurance companies will look for any reason, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, to deny benefit payouts. Their hope is that employees will eventually give up and move on. Anton Law Group never gives up, and draws on all of its tools and resources to appeal these unreasonable insurance company decisions.

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Our work injury lawyers near Oakland also work with clients whose claims are questioned based on pre-existing health conditions. When workplace injuries involve parts of the body already impacted by pre-existing conditions, insurance companies may contend that they were a result of those conditions rather than of the work itself.

In such instances, our attorneys accrue as much evidence as possible to fight these baseless assertions. At the same time, we also help to address situations where government-sponsored benefits, including Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), are negatively impacted by compensation payments. Ultimately, our goal is to help all clients get the maximum amount of compensation funds.

Oakland Work Injury Lawyer – Anton Law Group

At Anton Law Group, we never stop fighting for our clients’ rights. Nothing infuriates our work injury lawyers more than when employers and their insurance companies look to take advantage of their workers by not handling claims in an efficient manner or refusing to provide the compensation that they are legally required to. If you’ve been injured or became ill on the job and are in need of legal services, don’t delay in reaching out to us. We would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you and provide a free, no-obligation consultation. Call us today at (888) 303-3434 or contact us online.