Ventura CA Auto Accident Attorneys

Auto accidents harm people quantifiably more than any other type of accident, and are a leading cause of death among California residents. In the past decade, there have been several million accidents in California alone. While the majority of them did not result in fatalities, an uncomfortably large portion of them did still severely injure their victims. Many of the victims of auto accidents suffer from disabling injuries for the rest of their lives. Other victims are going to struggle with the financial repercussions of being involved in an accidents. That’s why you need Anton Law Group, a group of professional Ventura auto accident lawyers to help you receive compensation for your injuries from the right responsible party.

Types of Car Accident Injuries

Even if you are wearing a seatbelt, you can suffer from injuries involving your head and back, which can cause a very serious injury. Some people are lucky enough to only walk away with only mild and temporary concussions. Other people can develop traumatic brain injuries in a Ventura auto accident that can leave them with permanent cognitive problems.

Back Injury

Back injuries can potentially cause damage to the spinal cord. Significant spinal cord damage can cause complete paralysis. Others might develop terrible back problems from several months to even permanently. Even less severe back injuries can leave patients with little control over entire areas of their bodies.

Neck Injury

People can develop all sorts of serious chest and/or neck injuries as a result of a major auto accident. Chest injuries can cause organ damage and internal bleeding, which can be life-threatening to an injured person if it not addressed quickly enough. Neck injuries can cause whiplash and ligament damage. Some people might develop broken ribs and other injuries that are very painful and take a long time to heel as a result of chest injuries.


Naturally, a car accident could create emotional and mental problems for those involved. Some drivers suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder for a long period of time as a result of impact from an accident. To make matters worse, given the stigma associated with psychological illnesses and the false belief that these are not “protected” medical conditions, many auto accident victims are not able to get the help and the therapy that they need. Anton Law Group can help you with your emotional distress after your auto accident injury. Call us at (805) 585-5415 for a free consultation.

Some Insurance Companies Save Money by Denying Claims

It is true that if you have a very basic auto insurance policy, you are going to have a difficult time coping with potential financial consequences compared to people with different policy coverage. Your insurance company may also do everything that they possibly can in order to deny coverage to your pain and suffering from an auto accident.

Even at the best of times, people are going to find that their insurance rates are going to go up as a result of being involved in major car accidents. At certain times, insurance companies will investigate your auto accident and deny coverage due to a certain factor unbeknownst to you. If they are able to find that the insurance holders in question were negligent at all, or if they are able to make a case that they were negligent at all, they will often find some way to deny the coverage as a result.

Get Legal Representation from the top Auto Accident Attorneys in Ventura

People who have been injured in car accidents are entitled to get the legal representation that they deserve. Many injuries entitle the injured party to as much recovery compensation as possible, and Anton Law Group in Ventura CA will work tirelessly to make sure we get that for you. Usually, this will involve filing a personal injury lawsuit against the individuals who caused the car accident. It is important to have clear knowledge of any negligence in all personal injury cases. If the other party or parties involved in the car accident were truly liable in that they were primarily responsible for causing the car accident, then you are more likely to win your Ventura auto accident lawsuit.

Our team of accident lawyers and personal injury attorneys can help people change the course of your life and bring your peace of mind. When our clients meet with us at our law office, we will listen to all aspects of your case to get a sense of the costs and benefits involved with pursuing your case. The consultation is free.

Meeting with a Ventura auto accident attorney can make all the difference for the people who are caught up in such unfortunate circumstances. Countless people end up paying the medical expenses sustained from car accidents for the rest of their lives. Lots of individuals have to suffer from the psychological, physical, and emotional consequences of car accidents alone. Working with the Ventura auto accident attorneys here at Anton Law Group can allow people to spare themselves decades of hardships.