It is an unfortunate reality that employees can sustain injuries or become ill while performing their duties on the job. While workers impacted in such manners have the right to pursue compensation in order to help cover associated medical expenses and lost wages, the process of doing so can quickly become overwhelming and even aggravating. This is because many employers don’t want to pay out on claims, and therefore aim to draw things out and make the situation as difficult for the employees as possible in hopes that they’ll become disheartened and give up. If you’ve experienced a workplace injury and are having trouble obtaining the compensation you deserve, Anton Law Group is here to help. We are well known for being the top workplace injury lawyer near Camarillo, California, and are fully committed to fighting for your rights.

We’ve worked with many injured employees over the years, and have built up a substantial track record of success. As a highly-experienced firm, we have an in-depth understanding of all pertinent workers compensation laws. Employers looking to avoid paying legitimate claims often count on the fact that many employees are unaware of their rights and options. As such, part of what we do is guide our clients through the entire process and make sure that they have a clear understanding of everything going on.

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Injured workers looking to file claims often have to contend not only with their employers, but with the employers’ insurance companies as well. In fact, many of the clients that hire us as their workplace injury attorney near Camarillo do so after their claims have been rejected by insurance. While insurance companies are supposed to offer protection for companies and workers alike, many seem preoccupied with paying out as little as they possibly can. It is their hope that the employees will give up rather than challenging the claim denial. We believe that this is completely unacceptable, and use all resources at our disposal to appeal these unjust rulings.

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Anton Law Group is also able to help injured employees whose workers compensation claims are brought into question due to pre-existing conditions. Unfortunately, contending that workplace injuries resulted from employees’ preexisting conditions is yet another way that companies’ insurance companies aim to avoid providing compensation. To help combat this, our Camarillo workplace injury lawyer will put together as much documentation and evidence as we can to push back against these absurd assertions and show that the injuries were not the result of any existing medical condition. Many injured employees are also concerned that government-sponsored benefits they receive will be negatively impacted by any compensation awarded. We are here to help minimize any such reduction as much as possible so that you can maximum benefit from workers compensation.

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Injured employees throughout Ventura County come to Anton Law Group for assistance with their workers compensation claims and cases because we are experienced, results-driven, and fully dedicated to fighting for our clients’ rights. We recognize that injured workers already have enough to deal with, which is why we aim to take as much of that stress off their shoulders as we can. If you need legal help, please do not hesitate to reach out for a free, no obligation consultation. You can contact us online, or call our office at (888) 303-3434.