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At Anton Law Group, we are committed to providing excellent representation to Ventura employees that have sustained injuries at work. We always protect our clients’ rights with superior legal representation throughout the Ventura County area. With decades of combined experience, our workers’ compensation attorneys know what it takes to get our clients the full monetary compensation and benefits they deserve after work-related injuries. We recognize how stressful it can be to sustain injuries while working. Not only do you have to deal with being injured, but your career might also be put on hold while you recover. This may lead to loss of wages combined with increasing medical bills. Our skilled, highly-experienced attorneys will do their best to help you feel at ease during this very difficult period.

Every year, employees in a variety of industries are injured while working in the County of Ventura. Too often, these victims do not fully understand their rights to compensation. Whether the injury was your employer’s fault or not, you are eligible to receive workers compensation as long as your injuries are work-related. These benefits are intended to get you the medical treatment necessary for you to fully recovery. It is also highly recommended that you immediately start the workers compensation process once injured so that you can receive immediate medical treatment. Doing so also ensures you recover the actual cost of your injury.

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Accidents on the job are unfortunately prevalent, affecting many hardworking men and women all across the country. Suffering an injury at work can lead to a lot of uncertainty, anxiety, and stress due to concerns over missing time and lost wages. Complete recovery from one’s injuries is by no means guaranteed, and the ability to return to work may be in question. This can create considerable emotional and financial burdens for you and your family. As such, the way you handle work-related injuries can significantly affect your future and your family’s future.

Workers compensation laws were created to help ensure that injured workers are able to manage the various costs associated with medical treatments, and to mitigate the detrimental impact of lost wages. Despite these laws, the workers’ compensation system does not always function the way it should. Employees that experience work-related accidents and injuries are often treated unfairly and are even denied the various protections and benefits they’re entitled to under the workers compensation laws in Ventura, California.

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Whether you have suffered a brain injury, fractures, respiratory injuries, or psychological injuries, our team of experienced and professional attorneys can handle all types of workers compensation cases. We have assisted countless injured workers from prominent employers in Ventura obtain the compensation they deserve. We always strive to get you the justice that you deserve. We know how to determine the accurate value of a claim and maximize compensation.

We also excel in cases involving automobile or motorcycle accidents, wrongful deaths, construction site injuries, faulty or defective equipment, workplace accidents or any other tragic and disastrous event that causes serious injury. We offer free consultations, charge no fees to retain our services, and you only pay when we have fully settled or won your case.

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