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In Westley CA, workers compensation law refers to a set of rules designed to compensate employees who are harmed in their daily course of workplace duty. The compensation policy applies to all industries in the region whether they are involved in manufacturing, production, retail and so on. It allows injured employees to recover medical costs, lost income, disability payments and the expenses of rehabilitation and retraining.

Anton Law Group will help with your Westley Workers Comp claim.

Lawmakers enacted employee compensation regulations as a way of replacing traditional personal-injury litigation, which had more risks to both the worker and the employer. Without a workers compensation system, employees often filed lawsuits to prove their employer liable for their injury, but this could cause issues since it could result in delays or the possibility of a court finding the employer not guilty and hence no compensation provided to the employee.

Work Injury Lawyers for Westley

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If you’re injured while working for your employer, it’s recommended to hire skilled workers compensation attorneys in Westley that can help you receive your benefits. Some of the advantages of hiring our lawyers include:

We can help you in cases where your insurance claim was denied. Sometimes, insurance companies look for small reasons to deny your injury claim, such as saying the claim wasn’t filed in time or that the accident occurred during your off-duty hours. However, by hiring an Westley work injury lawyer, you can easily navigate the appeals process and get your injury benefits.

Our team can provide legal assistance if your claim is being challenged due to a pre-existing condition. If your injury involves a part of your body affected by a pre-existing condition, the Anton Law Group workmans comp attorneys in Westley can help prove that the new injury is a direct result of your work and not caused by a worsening health condition.

We will work to prevent other state benefits from being affected by your compensation. Sometimes when you receive compensation, other government-sponsored benefits such as SSDI payments may be minimized. Our Westley workers comp lawyers will work to cut back that reduction so that you can receive the greatest amount of benefits possible.

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Anton Law Group has been serving the residents of Westley with workers compensation legal services for more than 10 years. We have the experience and skills to handle any case that’s brought before us, no matter the industry where the injured person was working or the extent of physical damage caused.

Our lawyers will ensure that your rights as a worker are protected, so that no employer takes advantage of you when you are injured. As Westley workers compensation attorneys, we will ensure that your health insurance provider releases the funds for your injury compensation in good time, without finding flimsy reasons to deny the claim. Please give us a call at (209) 237-1555 now to get started.

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